Who we are

ASTROTEL opened its doors to cater mainly to motorists, travelers, and guests who want an affordable place to stay, relax, and unwind.

Ideally situated near transport and commercial areas, ASTROTEL is your go-to place to experience a cool and comfy stay for a modest price.

ASTROTEL creates a unique experience for guests, making them feel their place with complete privacy. With over 600 room accommodations across the metro, Astrotel is truly your place and your space.

Your Place, Your Space

Astrotel specializes in thematic rooms inspired by cosmic and interstellar planets. Stimulate your imagination with a unique artistic interpretation of heavenly bodies.

Sight and Style

The heart of Astrotel’s design is an inspiration from the extensive details of galaxies and the universe itself.

Astrotel filled its structural design to its interior designs with intricate galactic details for that futuristic feel, from the hotel lobby, hallways, and in different themed rooms.

Each quarter projects a clean, well-maintained look and minimalist design. Essential room amenities include complete bathroom facilities with hot and cold-water supply, bath towels, personal care kit, bottled water, LED TV, free WiFi, and a floating bed to add a contemporary look.

Indeed, Astrotel will be your next choice of stay.

Feature and Amenities

Like our universe, our hospitality has no limitations. We provide amenities that cater to your needs and interests.

Packed with complete features like a hot and cold shower, bath towels, personal care kit, bottled water, LED TV, free Wi-Fi access, and a floating bed to add a contemporary look,


  • Thematic Lobby
  • Privacy-inspired waiting lounge
  • Easy and efficient front office transactions
  • Hassle free check-in and check-out process
  • Fully air-conditioned rooms with romantic designs
  • Modern and accessible T&B fixtures, lights, TV and ACU control system and switches
  • 24/7 stand-by generator unit
  • 24 hours Guest Care Service
  • 24 hours supply of hot and cold water
  • Innovative Room Fixtures (Ex: Floating Bed)
  • Various type of Room Classification
  • Free Wi-Fi Internet Connection
  • Keycard and secured door lock system


  • Text Reservation with Special Room Rates
  • Guaranteed No waiting booking

Privacy and Security

ASTROTEL values the importance of privacy and security of guest.

ASTROTEL commits to take care of you and makes sure that every stay and experience are handled with full confidentiality.